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Empire BT TM-15 LE - ETACS

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The BT TM-15 LE Edition is not just a regular TM-15 with a new paint job, this features a shorter shroud, pre-equiped with Apex2 barrel system and in a limited Black/Tan colour scheme for a great camouflage colour. The TM-15 is a high performance tactical series marker based on speedball marker internals, this means higher rates of fire, air efficiency and reduction of recoil which result in increase of kills per game! The lightweight magnesium body insures the user that they have a sturdy marker that doesn't flex, bend or break with normal use but still be able to be lugged around all day without feeling the weight. The electro pneumatic operation of the marker allows the marker to fire up to 20+ bps with a low pressure to insure that your marker fires fast and soft on any paintballs used to prevent any "chops" or "breaks" in the gun. The front foregrip gives the player a place for their other hand to hold up your gun and makes aiming quick and easier to makes those kills. The 4 position selector switch gives the player the realistic feel of a real rifle and also allows for quick setting changes when you're in a pinch. With the internals designed with speedball parts, this marker is easy to clean and does not need a complete disassembly to fix or maintain it. Pick up the new TM-15 LE marker to get an edge to other players using TM-15s or just scare the pants of all the other players on the field!


  • One of the Top Rated Scenario markers of 2010
  • 20+ Balls per Second (BPS)
  • Low Recoil 
  • Break Beam Eye System to prevent paintball chops
  • Apex2 Barrel pre-equipped
  • Shorter Foregrip for easier movement
  • Vertical Foregrip for more comfortable aiming and quick movement
  • 4 Position Selector Switch (Safe/Semi/Burst/Full Auto)
  • Easy Maintenance or repair
  • Low Pressure Operation gives a more softer gentle push to each paintball
  • No External Hoselines to get snagged in the woods
  • 9V Battery Powered (Not Included)
  • Multiple programmable firing modes (PSP, Semi, Millenium)
  • .68 Caliber Paintball Marker
  • Multiple Picatinny Rails along the marker for Flashlight, Lasers or Scope mounts
  • Lightweight Magnesium Body
  • Adjustable M4 Style Stock
  • Autococker Threaded Barrels Only
  • Etacs Camo Pattern

*Note: HPA Only, Co2 will void your warranty

Empire BT TM-15 LE - ETACS Upgrades and Accessories
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