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Empire BT Sniper THT Gloves

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The Empire Sniper BT gloves have been hugely popular with it's lightweight stream line full finger gloves that feels like you're not wearing a glove at all! Gloves are an important part of protection in paintball as it helps reduce paintball welts, allows you to go through heavy brush and also gives you that superior professional look on the field! Silicone tip index and middle fingers allows the trigger to be properly grip so you don't slip the pull when you need it most. The Clarino reinforced palm pads give added comfort and slight increase on protection while protecting you from the elements outside giving you dry hands. Pick these up and see what all the woodball players are talking about who use the BT Sniper gloves and trust them every time they go out in the woods!


  • Protect your hands from paintball impacts and going through the brush to keep your hands protected also comfortable
  • Silicone printed palm and triggers fingers allow you to grip the marker and prevent trigger slips when you need them most
  • Clarino palm helps increase the comfort and protection while preventing the elements from reaching your hand
  • Reinforced palm pads gives added protection and also helps increase durability
  • Lightweight glove gives you a comfortable feeling without hindering your mobility on the field

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