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Empire BT Professional THT Pants - Terrapat 2

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When average or adequate doesn't meet you requirements you need the Empire BT Professional THT Pants for scenario games. These pants offer you features that will help you succeed in any field campaign with it's advance array of features. The laser perforated Ripstop material has been accurately measured and spaced out for optimal airflow and also burned holes will help prevent the material from fraying. Adjustable waist and cuffs gives the perfect customized fit so you can be comfortable all day long with the pants on. Zippered slash and cargo pockets with a built with a micro fiber cloth will store all the items you need while keeping your goggles clean all day long! Strategic placed stretch panels around the knees and crotch help make the pants flex and bend the way you need to so it doesn't inhibit mobility if you get into awkward shooting or cover positions! Pick these pants up and fight light a Tier 1 operator!


  • The best line of scenario apparel gear for the Tier 1 operator
  • Laser perforated mesh Ripstop keeps you cool while being durable against tears and rips
  • Large cargo and zipper slash pockets with built in micro fiber cloth keeps your gear close by and mask clean
  • Stretch panels at knees and crotch keeps the pants flexible for those odd shaped bunkers or trenches
  • Adjustable waist and cuffs for customized fit for a comfortable experience
  • Soft hip padding offers protection during those crawls and slides

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