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Empire BT Professional THT Jersey - Terrapat2

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The Empire BT Professional Jersey are made for the players who take scenario games seriously. Having a proper jersey that blends into the woods is essential for ambushes or tactical play instead of using a old sweater or playing in a t-shirt, the BT Professional Jersey will help you in all styles of play. The laser cut perforated front and back panels also the underarm mesh panels allow efficient air flow to keep you cool during those long or hot days of paintball, you don't want to be feeling uncomfortable while you fight for your life! Adjustable wrist closure keeps the jersey sleeves in place and dirt out. Flip-Up ID pocket lets you easily keep your player ID close by and easily accessible, as other players won't know who you are with your mask on! Velcro slit side panels accommodate paintball harnesses or pod packs so it feels like it's made for each other instead of an overlapping uncomfortable feel. Pick this Jersey up and show the world how serious you take paintball and elevate your game!


  • Scenario designed apparel gives you that clean and professional look instead of using a old sweater 
  • Laser perforated cut front and back panel with underarm mesh for ventilation keeps you cool during hot game days
  • Heavy duty padding at the elbows and shoulders gives you a light amount of protection while not making the jersey feel bulky
  • Velcro slit side panels helps accommodates the harness or pod packs that gives you a more overall experience in using them both
  • Flip-Up ID Pocket holds your information close while being easily accessible, as no one will recognize you with your mask on!
  • TerraPat Gen2 Camouflage helps conceal yourself in the woods allowing you to set up for that perfect ambush

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