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Empire BT DFender - Black

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The Empire BT DFender is the new game changer in the tactical milsim world of paintball with its innovative rear loading system that keeps the loader out of your face! Many players in the paintball world are not a fan of the loader sitting on top of the gun which leads them to go to the magazine fed style of play, the only problem with that is that you are very limited in the amount of paintball you shoot. This leads to players getting out gunned due to the high rates from paintball normal guns; the DFender changes all of that. 

The Empire BT DFender is the new style of gun that uses a loader integrated assault platform. This new platform features a loader that sits within the rear of the gun and acts as a stock at the same time which makes the gun resemble a bull pulp design. This allows the loader to be out of the way so you can visually line up your shots easily to help increase kill count while reducing the target profile so you can stay hidden in the corners and helps increase your mobility on the field! The magnesium body makes the gun lightweight but ultra-durable to stand against the scenario field because of dense brush and buildings can easily damage plastic/polymer guns in comparison. Internal firing mechanism is based on the Empire Axe Speedball gun, this was selected for it's solid performance and reliability that can achieve high rates of fire at 20+BPS with a smooth light recoil action that allows you to shoot accurately! Tool Less disassembly on the gun makes maintenance on the marker quick and easy, you don't want to be stuck trying to find that tool you need to clean out the gun and miss the next game! 

The Empire BT DFender is the next step into the scenario line of guns and definitely will be hot gun you'll see everywhere! 


  • Rear loading of the gun gets rid of the top loading system that almost all paintball guns use to help reduce target profile and increase range of vision
  • Magnesium body makes the gun ultra-lightweight while extremely durable to stand against the harsh environments of the scenario playing field
  • 20+ BPS firing rate lets you rain paintballs on your opponents giving you the advantage in terms of fire power
  • Anti-Jam feature is built into the loader design that keeps the paintballs flowing consistently so you don't have to worry about your gun not shooting until it runs of paintballs
  • Self-calibrating loader analyzes how you shoot to keep the loader feeding optimally without slowing down a beat when you need it
  • Picatinny weaver rails featured all over the gun allows for tactical attachments like lasers, flashlights, red dots and scopes!
  • Built in vertical and angled foregrip gives your hands a comfortable place to hold your gun creating a stable firing platform that increases your accuracy to make those game winning kills
  • Tool-Less basic maintenance on the gun lets you take the main components out of the gun for replacement and cleaning which gets you back in the game faster 
  • Selector Switch lets you change firing modes on the fly from Semi-Automatic, Burst Fire, Ramping, Full Automatic and Select Fire
  • Empire Axe based internals were used in the gun because of its reliable and high performance that makes it almost recoil-less 
  • Includes 3 Bore inserts to help size your paintballs for accurate shooting: 0.680, 0.685 & 0.690

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