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Empire BT Combat THT Gloves - Terrapat

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The Empire BT Combat gloves combines the two great features that all gloves need, protection and comfort. Players should look in getting gloves as their first protective item as getting shot in the hands can be one of the most unpleasant feelings you can come across on. The knuckles on the gloves contain a gel that conforms to the shape on your knuckles that offers an excellent layer of protection that displaces the impact force across the pad with a light layer or protection at the palms. The palm feature a great silicone printed palm that adds grip so paintball guns or the flag won't slip from your grasp. The terry cloth thumb material cleans up the splatter from your lenses so you can quickly keep your vision clean and clear so you can see clearly on the field. The half finger design allows your finger to be free to keep up the high rate of fire you need to keep your enemies down. Pick up the Empire BT Gloves so you get that protection you are look for while having the ability to keep that high rate of fire.


  • New 2013 style and features 
  • Gel knuckle pad conforms to the shape of your knuckles while offering a great layer of protection
  • Palm padding helps protect some of the softest part of your hands
  • Terry cloth thumb helps keep your vision clear during those intense firefights
  • Half finger design keeps your fingers free to get that high rate of fire you need to put the pressure on your opponents
  • Silicone printed palms to give you that added grip so that gun won't slip your grasp
  • Breathable airprene body keeps your hands cool and dry
  • Terrapat camouflage colour help blend within the woods

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