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Empire BT Bungee Sling 2 to 1 Point - Black

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The Empire BT Bungee Sling is a 2 and 1-point system. You can have the best of both worlds by attaching the gun at a single point or having it in a tactical configuration so your gun is always ready to use when you get engaged for combat! The sling is fully adjustable for length and bungee cord that helps elevate some of the weight also for comfort! 


  • 2 or 1 point sling system gives you the choice of both worlds 
  • 1 point for casually carry your gun when you are not patrolling in the woods
  • 2 point so your gun is always in the ready position for combat when you're on the field
  • Bungee cord system helps reduce the weight when you carry your gun also for shock absorption
  • Quick release carabineer for easy detach from your gun

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