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Empire BT Bottle THT Glove - ETACS

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The Empire BT Bottle Glove is the perfect item for you to protect your carbon fibre paintball tank. This foam padded bottle cover easily slips on your tank and when you zip it up it'll tightly form around so there's no bulk or slack around it. The silicone printed logos at the rear of the tank will help grip against your jersey, shirts or your tactical long sleeve! Pick this up and protect that investment from getting damaged!


  • Protect your tank from scratches in the scenario field with the soft foam bottle glove
  • Silicone logo printed at the end of the tank grips against your jersey, shirts and tactical apparel for better accuracy!
  • ETAC camo help blend in with your other scenario tactical gear
  • Sizes available for 68cui and 88cui tanks

**Note: Tank not included

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