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Empire BT-4 Slice G36 Elite

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The BT-4 Combat Slice has been proven to be a reliable and great performing beginner/woodsball tactical gun. The BT-4 Combat Slice is in the heart of this marker with a tactical styled G36 shell! The marker features a tool-less hinge design so you can access the internals easily making maintenance quick and simple. The G36 tactical look gives the marker and your entire set up a more milsim look it'll help intimidate your opponents before you even play! Pick this up and get a gun ready to go that looks like the real thing without having to worry about what upgrades you need on a base BT-4 Combat Slice!


  • BT-4 Combat Slice at the heart of the G36 makes it reliable and durable for those hard tough days in the woods
  • Tool-less hinge design allows you to easily access the internals of the gun making maintenance fast and simple
  • Assembled right out of the box for easy set up and a faster way to get into the game
  • Tactical styled G36 gives the gun a milsim look that helps intimidate opponents and impress friends
  • Folding style stock for those CQB situations or easy pack the gun away when not in play
  • T-Style cocking handle gives the gun a full realistic feel when you prime the gun to shoot
  • Apex2 Barrel that curves your shots around corners
  • E-Grip pre-installed for high rates of fire and different firing modes 
  • BT Rip Clip preinstalled forces the paintballs into the gun making sure you get a steady constant stream of paintballs
  • Weaver Rails featured along the top for red dots or scopes for more accurate shooting


  • Empire BT-4 Combat Slice G36
  • Folding G36 Stock
  • Apex2 Barrel
  • BT Rip Clip
  • BT-4 Combat Slice E-Grip

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