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Empire Axe - Dust Black

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The Empire Axe is an updated version of the Invert Mini that is more feature oriented. The Extended Grip Frame allows your finger to freely move on the aluminum trigger, allowing for faster rates of fire. Comes stock with  a Empire Relay On/Off Regulator, which is now sold seperately for the Invert Mini, that allows tanks to be easily removed with a flick of a lever. Unique Push Button tool-less Bolt removal makes maintenance easier rather then a chore, allowing you to get back in the game faster rather then ending up on the Bench. Still utilizing the same Electronics and Bolt design, there is nothing slowing down the Empire Axe from making it to victory. Pick up the Empire Axe without the Mini feel in your hands.


  • The Invert Mini now redesigned into the Empire Axe allowing players of any age and size to fit the marker comfortably 
  • On/Off Relay ASA Regulator allows tank removal safely and easily, when you need to air up or air down the marker
  • Tool-less Push Button Bolt removal allows players to maintain their markers easier to have it working optimally 
  • Extended Grip Frame allows players to easily fit the marker in their hands, and faster rate of fire with the larger trigger guard
  • Same Electronics and Bolt internals for the same marker speed and dependability 


  • Empire Axe Marker
  • Insruction Manual
  • Player Parts Kit 
  • 12" Autococker Micro Honed Barrel

Note: HPA or Nitrogen Only, Co2 will void warranty and do extreme amounts of damage to the marker

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