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Eclipse Etek4 AM - HDE Forest

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Planet Eclipse releases their Etek4 marker out for beginner or intermediate speedballers, it's built to work in any condition reliably while giving the performance you need to survive on the paintball field. The Etek4 gives players a load of features in the marker ranging from: Break beam eyes, SL3 regulator, angled inline regulator swivel, OOPS asa, Zick2 Rammer, Shaft 4 Barrel, Deftek Offset Feed, Cure Bolt, Adjustable LPR and LED Board. The Eclipse Etek4 marker uses the Break Beam Eye sensor system (BBSS), which detects if a ball is in place in the breech of the gun. This ensures that the marker will only fire if a ball is in place, which drastically reduces the chances of the ball getting "chopped" which causes messy clean up and inconsistent performance. The SL3 Regulator allows a consistent and high flow of pressure into the gun that gives the gun it's accuracy and consistent velocity rate. The SL3 Regulator also adapts to either high pressure (HP) or low pressure (LP) tanks automatically so you don't need to worry about adjusting your regulator everytime you switch a tank out. The Deftek Offset feed neck of the marker is slightly off centered to a side of the gun, this makes sure when the ball falls into the breech it falls smoothly and easily to help prevent breaks and chops. The adjustable low pressure regulator (LPR) will help you make fine tune adjustments to the marker on how you want it to be on recoil and sound signature of your marker shooting, to help make your marker function differently from anything else on the market. The LED board displays the marker status and allows you to make adjustments from firing modes to eye sensitivity, to make the gun shoot how you want it to. Pick up the Etek4 for your first or second speedball gun and you won't regret your decision!


  • Reliability and high performing speedball gun in one package, and loaded with features
  • Break Beam Sensor System (BBSS) detects if a ball is ready to fire in the marker to help prevent messy chop or paint breaks in the gun
  • Cure Bolt included that has a unique ramp on the bolt to help prevent the bolt from clipping the next paintball that can cause breaks or cracks
  • LED Programmable board allows fine tune adjustments to be made on the board from rate or fire to several different firing modes
  • Deftek Offset Feed on the marker rolls the paintballs into the breech, this prevents the paintball from bouncing back up to the feedneck saving the ball from getting chopped at high rates of fire
  • Zick2 Rammer Kit helps reduce the amount of kick the previous Etek markers suffered from that can help increase your accuracy
  • SL3 Regulator that is found on Planet Eclipse high end markers allows high and consistent flow that helps keep accuracy and makes sure the ball reaches it's target every time you pull the trigger
  • New 2012 On/Off Purge system is a straight line ASA that eliminates the side feed line that would make holding the gun in different hands feel awkward or uncomfortable
  • Hand assembled and thoroughly tested for leaks and performance issues before it leaves the Eclipse Factory


  • Weight: 10009kg / 2.22 lbs (Includes barrel)
  • Length: 537mm / 21.14 in (includes 14" Barrel)
  • Width: 28.5 mm / 1.12 in
  • Height: 222 mm / 8.74 in
  • Display Interface: 3 x Tru Colour LED Indicators
  • Solenoid Voltage: 9V
  • Battery Powered: Yes - 9V Battery
  • Air Propellant: HPA / Nitrogen ONLY
  • Barrel Threading: Autotocker (AC)
  • Aluminum Grade: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Marker Type: Poppet Dual Stack 
  • Firing Modes: Semi-automatic and Ramp up to 22bps
  • Solenoid: SMC


  • Etek4 Marker
  • 14" Shaft4 Barrel
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lubricant
  • Spare Sparts
  • Allen Key Set
  • Padded Case

**Note: Estimated Release Date Mid - June 2012 

Eclipse Etek4 AM - HDE Forest Upgrades and Accessories
Planet Eclipse Upgrade Board
Virtue Board - Etek 2
Virtue Board - Etek 2
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