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Eblade T-board w/ optical switch

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The E-blade T-Board is a substitute control board for the Eclipse Eblades. The E-blade T-Board uses similar programming as our DM4/5/C LBI chip. It is avail in snap switch and optical.

E-blade T-Board Specs:
Unlimited* firing rate in Semi mode
Multiple firing modes: Semi-Auto, Reactive Trigger, 3-burst, Full-Auto, NITRO, PSP, NXL, CFOA (capped semi)
Tournament Lock (For all League Modes)
Shot Q'ing
Force shot

Adjustable Dwell
Adjustable MROF
Adjustable Debounce (Even lower minimum)
Force Classic "on-the-fly"
Adjustable Ramp activation speed
Adjustable Trig pulls to ramp
Auto off
Adjustable CON, COFF, CDEL
Eye disable through buttons

* ROF is limited by the mechanical limit of the Marker.
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