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Dye i4 Thermal Lens

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The Dye i4Thermal lenses are replacement lenses for the Dye i4 Pro goggles. Replacing lenses once a year is strongly recommended by all mask manufacturers, but replacing them doesn't mean you have to go back to your basic stock ones. 


  • Dye's best optical lens gives you the best distortion-free view of the field.
  • Easy to install, and remove for cleaning
  • Thermal lens design to prevent fogging giving you a clear range of sight against your enemies
  • Clear: Basic clear lens lets you see players like you would without the goggles on
  • Smoke: Help block out some of that sun or sun glare giving you an easier time to sight up on opponents
  • Yellow: Perfect lens if you play indoor paintball so it helps brighten up your range of vision without a flashlight

Dye i4 Thermal Lens Upgrades and Accessories
Lens Accessories
JT Anti-Fog Spray 2 oz.JT Anti-Fog Spray 2 oz.
Mcnett Op Drops anti-fog cleaning system 1.25 ozMcnett Op Drops anti-fog cleaning system 1.25 oz
Empire Antifog Lens Spray - 2ozEmpire Antifog Lens Spray - 2oz
Dye i4 Thermal Lens Reviews
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