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Dye UL Pants - Lime

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When you are only concerned about speed on the field so you can make it to that next bunker to win the game. The Dye Ultralite (UL) Pants are designed for speed and durability providing the perfect blend of flexibility and style. These pants weigh in at 1.28lbs, which is 33% lighter then the Dye C13 Paintball pants which is significant to help keep you mobile and agile on the field. With the lightness of the pants usually means scraping most of the great features that Dye pants usually have but not these pants as it is only missing the pre-equipped pads but most players already purchase and wear their only pads under the pants. The "Prevent Breathable Assembly" technology prevents players from heat build up in the pants that can make the pants feel uncomfortable by maximizing air flow through the pants while protecting you from the elements. Hyper Flex Yoke Harness Lock gives your pod pack a place to stick to on the pants to keep the pod pack where it should be instead of flopping around if you are making a long run to your target! Pick these pants up if speed is on your mind and you want to "go fast" as these pants will help you get to where you want.


  • Ultra light weight pants weighing in 1.28lbs making these one of the lightest paintball pants on the market
  • 33% Lighter then the standard Dye Core series pants i.e. (Dye C12 or C13 Paintball Pants)
  • Lightness sacrifices the usual pre-built padding but usually most players buy pads under the pants anyways
  • Breathable assembly maximizes the airflow in the pants while protecting your from the outside elements
  • Stretch and flexible material will keep up to you and not drag you down to keep you mobile on any playing field
  • Harness Yoke Lock keeps your pod pack on your back instead of flopping around on those long walks/runs to your target

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