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Dye Tactical Pullover - Dyecam

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The Dye Tactical Pull Over top allows users to keep warm and protected against the weather while enough ventilation to prevent sweat build up! Angled shoulder pockets for quick easy access to your valuables or tactical information. Injection Molded Dyetack on Chest Panels allows your stock or tank to stay in place when you holster your gun up. Large Cuffs allow protective padding to easily be worn under the top. Split Side Design in the top allows the harness to be worn with an exposed back but all hard points on the front can be hidden or covered by the softer layer of the pull over.


  • Stretch Flex Material around the shoulder blades allow for maximum mobility 
  • DyeTack injected into the Chest Panels give maximum grip to stock or tanks when holstered
  • Padded High Collar with half zip allows neck protection with breath ability
  • Split Designs allows the front of your vest or harness to be hidden and covered under softer material to increase paintball bounce chances

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