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Dye Tactical Mod Top Jersey 2.0 - Black

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The Dye Tactical Mod Top Jersey has been redesigned for the 2013 year that keeps all the great features that made it so popular in 2012 with a few added things! Don't play paintball in the woods with a sweatshirt, t-shirt or coveralls, as you don't want to look new and feel embarrassed when you show up to the field. The Mod Top has been based on proven military designs, which govern 3 things that are always thought of; durable, concealment and light weight. The mod top keeps you cool and feeling light with it sweat wicking fabric to let heat and moisture out while keeping you dry and comfortable for long game days. High collar keeps the elements (rain, snow and dirt) from getting into your jersey keeping you cleaner and fresher after you play from something else. Stretch elbow panels accommodate elbow pads that are worn underneath the jersey, this prevents the bulk feel. Pick this mod top jersey up and get the intimidation factor up on the field instead of wearing your old clothes. 


  • Mod Tops are based on a military design that have been proven to be an effective garment and looks great on the field
  • Designed to be worn under a vest giving a overall unique appearance
  • Elbow stretch panels accommodates for elbows to be worn underneath the jersey so you won't get that bulky feeling
  • Lightweight and helps keep you cool with it's sweat wicking fabric
  • Easy access 45 degree pockets to store important items close to you while being easily accessible when you need them

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