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Dye Tactical Angled Picatinny Grip - Olive Drab

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The Dye Tactical Angled picatinny grip gives players a comfortable area to place their hands for added accuracy and grip to their gun. The grip can be mounted to any picatinny or weaver under rail on shrouds and can be positioned as close or as far as you would like! These grips look great, feel great and provide you with that stable platform so you can take accurate shots during a game!


  • Dye Tactical Angled Picatinny grip adds comfort when holstering your gun to shoot
  • Angled position allows for a stable shooting platform 
  • Fits on any Picatinny or Weaver rail mounting system
  • Light-weight so you don't have to worry about this accessory weighing down your gun setup

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