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Dye Tactical 2.5 Pants - Black

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The Dye Tactical 2.5 Pants have been redesigned to be a no holds bar pants that will take the punishment while being a piece of equipment to help elevate your performance on the field. Stop wearing sweats or old jeans on the field, grabbing yourself a pair of Dye Pants will elevate your game, which will help you dominate the field. The pants feature aggressive looks which makes you look totally awesome when you put it on as it will then in turn put the pressure on your enemies on and off the field, mind games! The stretch panels on the pants keeps you mobile while you hide in the bushes even if you are in the kneeling or prone position, these pants will flex with your body. The kneepads are rugged for abrasion resistance, which also bends and conforms to your body so it doesn't just feel like a stiff piece of plastic stuck on to your pants. These pants look, feel and perform great there's no reason why you should pick yourself up a pair of these!


  • Revised Dye Tactical Pants for the 2014 year keeps all the great same features as the previous version while highlighting and adding new ones
  • Flexible abrasion resistant knee pads keeps your knees safe while being flexible that keeps you mobile on the field 
  • Stretch panels help the pants be flexible so you don't have to worry about laying down at weird positions and your pants riding up on you
  • Bomb Proof stitching keeps the pants durable and tear resistant so you can dive, slide or crawl to your next position without worrying about them
  • Belt loops integrated to the waist line allows you to have a custom fit if the pants don't fit you exactly the way you are use to
  • Easy access 45 degree pockets gives you a great place to put your important stuff and take them out quickly
  • Light weight pants gives you the freedom to fast movement on the field so you don't feel like your getting slowed down by them

Sizing Chart (Inches):

                            X/S              M/L             XL/XXL

Waist              26-30          32-36             38-44

Inseam           29.5                31                  32    

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