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Dye Snow Goggle T1 - White HD

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Dye has been making goggles for years now and since they basically perfected Paintball goggles in terms of vision and safety while having a clear view on the field! Why wouldn't they give the world an amazing Snow Goggle that looks amazing while giving you a wide range of vision, easy to change lens system and super comfortable to wear all day.

The Dye Snow T1 Goggles provides riders a light-weight goggle that provides a clear fog free view of vision while being stylish and fashionable. The Spherical Polycarbonate lens gives a distortion range of vision while being 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection from the sun with permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch coating that allows the lens to keep it's amazing look for years. Helmet compatible strap points evenly distribute the pressure across your face for a comfortable feel. 85% frameless design provides a larger range of vision while being one of the lightest goggles out there that makes you forget that you are wearing them all day long.  The quick clip lens attachment allows the lenses to be quickly change your lenses when the weather turns tasty, the clips securely hold the lenses in place and flexible enough to detach the lens.  Pick up the Dye T1 Goggles and get out there and shred!


  • Dye Snow T1 Snow Goggles allows riders to hit the hills without snow, powder, or sun glaring into your eyes
  • 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protections against the sun rays doubles the goggles as the perfect sun glasses on the hill
  • Spherical Polycarbonate lens gives a distortion free range of vision 
  • 85% frameless design gives a large peripheral while keeping the goggles light-weight
  • Attractive and stylish look and accented colours
  • Helmet compatible straps 

**Warning Notes: Not to be used for paintball play as the Dye Snow lenses are not rated for Paintball Impacts

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