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Dye Slick Lube

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Dye Slick Lube is the recommended lubrication for the Dye and Proto marker line and can be used on many other guns. The Dye Slick lube is a grease that helps maintain all the moving o-rings in a gun to help keep it operating efficiently and reliably, without regular new application of grease from the Dye slick lube your marker will be more like a paper weight! The grease comes in a 1/4 once tube with a screw cap, this will last roughly a year of use on your marker with regular maintenance. This is the suggested grease to use on all Dye/Proto markers but can be used on: Planet Eclipse Geo, Dangerous Power G4, Empire Axe/Mini, DLX Luxe and MacDev. Don't be caught short by not having this in your tool kit or gear bag as when you find yourself needing to fix your gun you always need to re-lube your orings!


  • Necessary grease to maintain spool valve markers
  • 1/4 ounce amount will last for almost one year with general application to your o-rings
  • Screw top helps keep the lube in the tube and not on your hands
  • Recommended marker lube: Dye, Proto, Empire Axe, Empire Mini, MacDev Drone, MacDev Clone, DLX Luxe, DP G4 and Eclipse Geo
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