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Dye Rotor Top Shell Hi-Capacity - Dyecam

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The Dye Rotor Top Shell gives your rotor a ultra high capcity by allowing you to hold extra 50 paintballs. These 50 paintballs can mean the difference between winning and loosing while cutting down the number of times you need to refill the loader! This is an easy slap on and go upgrade, just install the previous accent kit on your stock loader screw it on your new hi-capactiy upgrade! 


  • Carry up to 250 paintballs (.68 caliber) in your Dye Rotor Loader to keep shooting all day long
  • Cut down the amount of times you need to reload your hopper during a game so you can keep shooting at your target
  • Easy and simple to install loader upgrade, just install the stock accent kit from your original top shell
  • Dyecam edition keeps your loader hidden or to match the Dye Rotor in Dyecam!

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