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Dye Rotor Quickfeed Ver 6.0 - Pink

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The Dye Rotor Quickfeed has been redesigned to be stronger and more durable to take the punishment that an average paintball player can put their equipment through. The Ver 6.0 has been made with higher quality materials with added structural strength at the rim that together will give you the flexibility without the wear over time. By using the quick feed you will shorten your loading times from pod to hopper by not having a lid to flip open! Pick this up for your Dye Rotor loader and not only have a fast feeding loader but a fast reload system all together in one amazing package.


  • Reload your rotor in a flash to have you keep shooting away
  • Direct replacement from the Rotor flip lid
  • Attractive matching colours
  • Stronger materials for longer life 
  • Structure designed to prevent paintballs from spilling out

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