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Dye Rotor Loader

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The Dye Rotor Loader delivers performance from the Pro to the Beginner level, that is built to last in all extreme scenarios. With an impressive feed rate of 50+ balls per second and with battery life up to 50,000+ paintballs! By using opposing rotation within the loader this will always make sure there’s a paintball being loaded in your gun without interruption of shooting streams! The tool-less design of the rotor will make taking apart the loader in seconds for easy cleaning, light maintenance or replacement of batteries. Pick up the rotor loader today and have something that will always keep those paintballs flowing into your gun!


  • 50+ BPS (Balls per Second) Feed Rate
  • Durable PVC Plastic Shell
  • Simple one push button operation
  • Anti Jam Trigger
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Spring loaded floor tray to prevent loose paintballs from floating around with the loader
  • 3 AA Battery powered (Not Included)
  • Battery life up to 50,000 paintballs
  • Unique Dual Rotation feed blades that give consistent feed rates
  • New 2013 Colour Patterns will make you stand out from the crowd
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