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Dye Rhino Bottle Cover

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Using one of these Dye Rhino Bottle cover will help you keep your carbon fibre tank protected from the harsh environment and also the hard slides. Keep in mind that these bottles do protect your tank from all the hard slides or branches but it can also improve the look overall on your marker. Other then a players skill feel good that the looks on the tank with it's injection in the scale sections. With the bottom of the tank being the part where it is the most abused, Dye has included high-density nylon coated padding with rubber abrasion to help soften the blows from slides. 


  • Protect that essential and investment by using a high quality protective Dye Rhino Bottle Cover
  • Dye logo and cosmetic rubber are injection molded into the cover for a lasting appeal
  • Reinforced high density nylon coated padding with rubber abrasion to help and prevent any damage to the bottom of the tank

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