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Dye Resister 1.5S Gear Bag

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The experience and veterans paintball players rarely touch their gear after they play, washing the gear is rarely an option to keep their game winning mojo alive and well in the apparel! The Resister was made to well... RESIST the funky smells and dirt that gear gets coated in with it's 100% wear resistant construction in each of the compartments that can be cleaned in and out without worry. The gear bag is also great against the weather that will keep it dry from the rain and keeps it cool on the sunny days (perfect to store paintballs) while holding all your playing gear to and from the field. Roll the gear bag on the rough terrain with it's telescopicing handle to easily get it to the field or through the long walks through in an airport terminal! Get the gear bag that is going to keep smelling fresh after each clean!


  • Stop using uncomfortable duffle or even garbage bags to get your field to and from the paintball field 
  • Organize your gear in three different compartments so you can find what you need quickly 
  • 100% Water Resistant construction makes the gear bag easily cleanable if you are the type that doesn't want to clean their gear in fear of loosing that game winning mojo!
  • Telescoping hand with wheels allows comfortable transportation from your house to the field and eveywhere inbetween (Airports)
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