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Dye Performance Knee Pads

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The Dye Performance Knee Pad system is dye's latest protection for your knees. Without proper protection for your knees you have greater chances injury from doing the high slides or from paintball impacts. Using EVA high density foam system that allows for more comfortable fit and also more direct protection on your critical areas. New adjustable strap on the lower knee area that will help prevent the pad system from sliding down. Airprene main body material allows for a stretch comfortable fit and also ventilation throughout the pad. Pick these pad system up and get adequate comfortable protection in any game style you play!


  • Give yourself confidence that you will prevent injury during hard dives
  • EVA High Density Foam conforms around your knee for maximum protection and comfort
  • Adjustable lower strap to prevent knee pad from sliding down
  • Airpene main body construction alows for a comfortable secure fit and breatheable

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