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Dye Modular Rail Covers 4 Pack - Dark Earth

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The Dye Modular Rail covers help protect your weaver rails from scratches, bumps and chips while in your gear bag or out on the field. The Dye Tactical Modular rail cover is made of a soft polymer material that protects the rails from side to side, while still being easy enough to mount and take off without leaving any marks. The rail cover length is 6 1/2" with1/8" sections that you can cut down if your rails are shorter then the standard length. Pick these up to help protect your rails and make your marker look sleek and professional!


  • Protect the rails on your Tactical marker from scratches, bumps or chips!
  • Easy to remove and install on your rails, also does not leave any markings
  • 6 1/2" in length with 1/8" section lines, can be cut down if needed

Dye Modular Rail Covers 4 Pack - Dark Earth Upgrades and Accessories
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