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Dye Hyper 3 Regulator Pressure Tester - Clear

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The Hyper 3 Regulator Pressure Tester is the ideal item for any Airsmith/User that works closely with Dye and Proto markers. The Pressure Regulator tester allows for fine tuning for maximum efficiency with an accurate pressure gauge rated for 200psi. No more guess work on how your marker is performing, no more blown gaskets or damaged internal seals allowing for maximum performance.


  • Able to test Proto/Dye specific threaded Hyper 3 or other brands of Regulators
  • Takes the guess work out of setting up your marker efficiently
  • Prevent damagining your marker by accurately setting up correct pressure ranges
  • Gauge Pressure range 200psi

Dye Hyper 3 Regulator Pressure Tester - Clear Upgrades and Accessories
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Dye Hyper 3 Regulator Pressure Tester - Clear Reviews