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Dye DM14 Paintball gun - PGA Bomber Lime

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The Dye DM14 represents 10 years of reliable and high performance of the Matrix series with its latest and best redesign ever. Utilizing new features like a gas thru grip for hoseless style with a magnetic quick release bolt and 1/2 inch shorter will make heads turn while this gun is firing up to 30+ bps and raining down paintballs on your enemies. The DM benefits from being a spool valve design that makes it one of the softest, quietest and accurate gun while being different with utilizing a low pressure regulator (LPR) to help adjust the bolt to allow any grade of paintballs to be shot with easy and simple fine tuning. 

The Dye DM14 utilizes a wealth of features such as Reach Airport, Eye Pipe, Hyper 4 Regulator, Stick Grips, Fuse Bolt System, Ultralite 45 Frame and Colour Coordinated O-Rings. The Reach Airport can be moved forwards or backwards allowing the gun to be shorter or longer depending on tank sizes, make your gun feel like a rifle or smg for comfort and accurate shooting! Colour Coordinated o-rings makes maintenance a breeze as instead of remembering the sizes, you can just ask for the green, orange, red or brown o-rings when you talk to a tech over the phone or reading the manual. The Stick Grip increases the friction surface of the grip while being soft and comfortable when you have your hands on the gun at the grip frame also at the foregrip of the gun so your gun stays in your hands and not on the ground. The toolless grips also allows you to change modes on the gun and change the battery easily without needing an allen key to remove grip screws. The newly designed Hyper 4 Regulator helps make the gun hoseless and more consistent that allows you to achieve amazing accuracy while being simple to dissassemble for painless maintenance. The Dye Matrix line of guns since the DM6 has been known for the Ultralite Grip Frame (UL), the hour glass style frame makes this gun memorable alone in terms and comfort as your hands instantly molds with the gun at a 45 degree angle to help optimize high rates of fire on semi-automatic! 

While the standard features are impressive, the newest changes on the gun will make this gun high on your want list. The GasThru grip frame eliminates the hose system that other guns have, this will eliminate leak issues from hoselines and fittings while making the gun easy to switch hands quickly so you can hit any target at any angle easily! The Quick Magnetic Bolt Release makes bolt removal a snap if your gun developes a leak or needing a clean between games. Push the button and remove the bolt! The FuseBolt is what makes this gun shine, as operating at a low pressure of 140psi, the bolt is extremely soft on paintballs to reduce the chances of it breaking in your gun while making it smooth, consistent and low recoil for accurate shooting!

The Dye DM14 is one of Dye's largest improvements on the Matrix series and is going to be one of the most popular guns in the 2014 year! Get your hands on it as soon as possible to have all your friends drooling and fits in jealous rage when they see you raining paintballs on them or your enemies on the paintball field!


  • Dye DM14 is Dye Paintball's latest redesign on the Matrix series and making the largest changes since the DM6!
  • GasThru Grip frame eliminates the hoses and fittings to cut down leak issues and makes it easier to switch hands during a game
  • Quick Release Magnetic Bolt makes maintenance simple and fast so you can get in the game faster then before without needing one tool to get it out and back in
  • The DM line of guns are the only spool valve gun to feature a LPR that allows for fine adjustments in the gun for faster shooting, more air efficiency and smoother firing cycles
  • Ultralight 45 Grip frame helps your hands mold with the gun for more comfortable holstering for faster rates of fire from your fingers
  • Color Coordinated O-Rings makes maintenance easy instead of measuring each size of o-ring if you have to call in or read your manual, this makes it for simple fixes and less guess work needed
  • Stick Grip is soft yet grippy so your gun stays in your hands and not on the ground at the grip frame and foregrip of the gun
  • Hyper4 regulator feeds the air to the gun with high consistent flow rates and simple to disassemble to keep your gun operating like new
  • LowProfile design with the LPR moving to the front of the gun cuts the height down by a 1/2 inch making the gun more compact and a smaller target profile
  • Reach Airport can be moved forwards and backwards to change the gun from a long rifle stance to a smg, whatever you feel more comfortable shooting down players on the field
  • Eye Pipe protects the break beam eye sensors on the gun with a protector shell that is designed to work with the Fuse Bolt to help push out broken shell or fill from the breech so your gun can get back to normal after a few shots!
  • Black colour keeps the gun simple and helps it blend with whatever you are wearing!


  • DM14 Paintball Gun
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare Parts Kit 
  • Dye Multi Tool  
  • Barrel Sock
  • 9V Battery

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