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Dye DM12 LE Marker - Teal Dust/Orange Polish

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The Dye DM12 continues the winning tradition with it's new features that makes it more lighter, faster, agressive milling and synergy design. The Dye marker lines are one of the most reliable spool valve markers on the market, this means less time in the tech shop or work bench and more time on the field winning the tournaments. The Spool Valve marker features the fuse bolt that have made Dye famous for and encorporated in all of their marker lines, this is proven technology that allows players to shoot any level of paintballs regardless on how brittle it can be and have it end up on the targets consistently, accurately and quietly. New feature on the Fuse Bolt system is not in the bolt but it's new ICON quick release mechanism, this quick release system uses magnets in the back cap that allows for easy bolt removal that can be done by hand and without any tools. Comes stock pre-installed in the Icon Lockdown feedneck, tool less feedneck for easy and quick adjustments to accomadate any feedneck depending on loader that grips it so tight you would think that it's part of the gun so no worries on if your loader will drop off. The reach trigger on the marker use to be a Dye aftermarket accessory that only the Ironman DM markers would have, now it comes pre-installed giving you the best feeling trigger available for the Dye marker that helps you increase your rate of fire without any necessary modifications. The Electronics of the gun are still the same and great Dye programming that allows for adjustments on all levels from Rate of Fire, Fire Modes, Dwell Timing, Eye Sensitivity, Ramp Activation and more that lets you make your DM shoot anyway you possibly want it to. Dye markers have always come with the Dye Ultralite barrel, this is how Dye started out as a Barrel company and now feature it on all their high end markers as stock so you can see the accuracy you can achieve right out of the box and never have to worry about finding the better barrel. Pick up the DM12 and see how 10 years of testing, developent and production feels in your hands with proven technology that have lead many Professional teams to victory and series champions.


  • DM12 Redesigned for more of an Agressive look
  • Milled out body to keep it strong why being light weight
  • New front rubber panel on the front of the marker for added traction with your hands
  • Spool Valve gun for quiet operation, low recoil and accurate shooting
  • New ICON tool less back cap for easy bolt removal and maintenance
  • ICON Clamp feedneck that holds your hopper with your gun tightly
  • Dye ICON Reach trigger pre-installed giving the best feeling triggers pre-installed
  • Coloured O-Ring system on the bolt for easy identification and maintenance instead of having to measure out each specific o-ring if you needing one
  • The hourglass trigger frame fits right into your hands making it the most comfortable gun you can hold on to all day
  • Fire Rate up to 30+BPS
  • Electronic Board for a large range of adjustments to make your gun fire exactly the way you want
  • Microswitch Trigger Activation gives the player an extremely easy trigger pull for faster rates of fire
  • Hyper 3 Regulator is now smaller and gives better precise adjustments for exact tuning of your marker
  • LPR (Low Pressure Regulator) on the marker to help fine tune your marker to shoot exactly how you want it
  • Tool Less Sticky grip removal making changing out the battery a flash or board adjustments
  • Low Operating Pressure at 145psi allows the user to use all grades of paint
  • ICON Fuse Bolt gives the marker it's high reliability rating and great air efficiency
  • Airport ASA that is an On/Off Bleed making tank removal easy and safe
  • Limited Edition run of colour! 


  • Firing Assembly: Spool Valve
  • Electronics: Dye Board with customizable programming
  • Trigger: Microswitch Activation
  • Rate of Fire: 30+BPS
  • Feedneck: Tool less Clamp down feedneck
  • Bolt: Fuse Technology
  • HPR Operating Pressure: 145psi (Approximately)
  • LPR Operating Pressure: 60-70psi (Approximately)
  • Break Beam Eye System: Yes
  • Trigger Frame: Hourglass Ultralite Frame
  • ASA: Airport On/Off with Bleed
  • Air Propellant: HPA/Nitrogen ONLY
  • Barrel Threading: Autococker
  • Batery Powered: 9V 


  • DM12 Paintball Gun
  • Padded Carrying Case
  • Allen Keys
  • Spare O-Rings
  • Spare Detents
  • Full colour instruction manual
  • 2 Piece Dye Ultralite Barrel
  • Dye Slick Grease

**Note: Limited Run of these colours! Get your pre-orders in!

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