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Dye DAM Stock Standard w/ Storage - Dark Earth

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The Dye DAM standard stock with storage allows players to get a replacement stock or change their colour scheme on the Dye DAM Tactical gun, or other guns using a stock! The stock can be used with standard stock shafts so you can get the amazing look of these Dye tactical stocks on your gun! The stock features a slanted cheek rest so you can have a comfortable stock when you holster the gun for that perfect shot. The storage compartment holds enough room for snacks or goodies, or probably for more important things like tools and maybe spare O-rings. Pick this up as you can get your Dye DAM in other colour arrangements from your stock colours, or something for your own non Dye DAM gun!


  • Dye Tactical Butt plate 
  • Adaptable for stock Dye DAM guns or guns using the stock shaft 
  • Slanted cheek rest for comfortable holstering when you line up for that perfect shot
  • Storage compartment holds tools and other items close by with its snap closed enclosure

**Note: Stock Shaft is not included like the picture

Dye DAM Stock Standard w/ Storage - Dark Earth Upgrades and Accessories
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