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Dye DAM Picatinny Shroud - Olive Drab

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The Dye DAM Picatinny Shroud allows players who use the Dye Tactical DAM marker to extend their shroud, or swap out for a different colour for a more custom and unique appearance. The Dye DAM Picatinny Shroud is a modular tactical rail system that features 4 points to attach tactical attachments such as foregrips, sights, red dots, flash lights and lasers. These attachments can help elevate your performance on the field or give your gun a true milsim appearance. Pick this up to extend the length of your gun and truly make it like a paintball sniper rifle!


  • Extend the shroud length of the Dye DAM or swap out the shroud section for a custom colour and look
  • Modular 4 picatinny rail system allows for tactical attachments to enhance the look and performance on your gun
  • Only compatible with Dye Tactical DAM Paintball Guns

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