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Dye DAM 10rd Magazine (2 Pack) - Black

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The Dye DAM 10rd Magazines are made specifically for the Dye DAM Tactical Paintball rifle. They are able to use .68 caliber paintballs and Tiberius First Strike rounds. The Dye Tactical DAM 10rd Magazines give you an additional10rds, as each side of the magazine holds 5rds each, just flip the magazine around when you run dry for a fast and easy reloading cycle! The magazines have been designed for quick maintainence and have tool-less disassembly for easy cleaning or repair. The Dye Tactical 10rd Magazine also features a Sealed System, meaning that you can seal the magazines properly while in play and when you go to put them into the Dye DAM gun your paintballs won't spill out everywhere. Pick these magazines up so you can get those extra rounds you are looking for!


  • Dye DAM 10rd Magazines keeps you in the game with either .68 caliber paintballs or Tiberius First Strike Rounds
  • 5rds on each side of the magazine which in turn hold 10rd per magazine, flip it around when you run dry for a fast loading cycle
  • Sealed magazines keeps the rounds in place if you are a rough and tough player who isn't afraid to get into the dirt 
  • Light-weight magazine keeps you mobile if you plan on carrying many additional magazines with you on the field
  • Tool-less disassembly for easy maintenance or cleaning!
  • 2 Magazines per pack!
  • Dye DAM paintball gun compatible only

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