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Dye Carbon Fiber Boomstick Barrel - 15"

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Introducing the all new Carbon Fiber Boomstick Barrel. Players have always wanted a barrel with stainless steel precision, but keeping their equipment as light weight as possible. The new Carbon Fiber Boomstick now gives players the best of both worlds. Featuring a unique and proprietary stainless steel insert with a carbon fiber outer sleeve, which brings barrel technology to a whole new level.


  • Surgical Grade 303 Stainless Steel and Aircraft Grade Carbon Fiber creates an ultra smooth bore for the best accuracy and light weight properties without losing its strengths 
  • 3 different selections in bore sizes to create a perfect fit for all paint sizes for optimal accuracy
  • Unique length of 15" creating a perfect balance length for any style of play
  • Autococker threading to fit a majority of paintball markers that have adapted to this style of threading
  • Black sleek look on the aluminum barrel tip and gloss carbon fibre weave at the barrel bore

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