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Dye C13 Jersey - Atlas Blue

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The Dye C13 continues Dye Paintball's tradition of creating highend paintball products that looks great and performs beyond expectation when you hold it in your hands or gearing up. The C13 keeps with Dye's philosophy in making the best gear with it's new line up, the Dye C13 Jersey is a lightweight jersey that holds up to the punishment, gives you added protection and durable to take all the punishment you can get into. Players often never purchase a jersey even after getting their first gun, but you don't want to look like a new player look like a pro by picking up this jersey! The Bomb Proof Construction is featured on the jersey that has double stitched shoulder and 200d Nylon forearm and elbow pads gives you that durable jersey that will last day in and day out on the field and the washing machine. DyeTack performance grip is a silicone injected technology implement on the jersey at the chest that gives your tank a surface it can stick on without worrying about it slipping off at those critical shots you need to win the game. Pigsticker rib cage protection helps give you that protection underneath the arms that often get overlooked by other brands, getting bunkered sucks but getting bunkered at unprotected areas is worse! Prevent breathable assembly technology makes sure you are comfortable in the jersey in hot weather with it's air flow circulation that keeps you cool while prevent the elements getting in. Pick up Dye's new Core Jersey C13 to get the best gear in the paintball that will keep you looking great while giving you those added confidence-boosting features that will help you finish matches a winner!


  • Dye's new Core Gear C13 Jersey continues Dye's Tradition of creating gear that keep you winning day in and day out
  • Stop using old sweaters or t-shirts that gives up total new player vibe, pick this up and everyone will think twice taking you on the field
  • Lightweight jersey keeps you mobile on the field and not making you feel like you are getting weighed down
  • Pig Sticker rib cage protection keeps your ribs protected from paintball hits keeping you feeling the same before and after getting to the field
  • DyeTack silicone technology on the chest helps keep your tank where you need it so you don't mess up those critical shots 
  • Prevent breathable assembly keeps the airflow circulation in the jersey to help keep you cool and comfortable during a hard day of playing
  • Bomb Proof construction features double stitched shoulder and 200d Nylon forearms keeps your jersey in one piece during the punishment any jersey can suffer during a day of paintball and the washing machine

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