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Dye 2011 NT Marker - Dust Black

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The Dye 2011 NT Marker continues the revolutionary spool valve technology that allows players to shoot all types of paint in a platform that will allow for fast shooting with very little recoil. The Boost Bolt allows the bolt to be as gentle the paint without sacrificing speed and efficiency. The efficiency allows the Dye NT marker achieve over 1500 to 1700 shots depending your bolt configuration giving you the highest efficient Spool Valve system on the market. The high efficiency is achieved by using revolutionary internal plunger system and legendary Hyper 3 Regulator that allows the marker to operate exceedingly high flow rate at a low operating pressure at 125 psi.

The new Ultra Lite Grip Frame has a more stream line appearance and comfortable feel in the hands while running or shooting. The Tool less Grips gives players the ability to change out the battery or change settings without any tools quickly and a comfortable dual material rubber allows for a high friction surface yet soft for the hands. 

The redesigned Electronics allows for easy programming with the LED configuration and optimized microprocessor allows for faster processing which achieves faster cycle rates in the marker. With the new redesigned programming of the board this allows for extended battery life. 

The Ultralite Aluminum Boomstick comes with the marker at a 14" 0.688 bore that started the Dye name comes stock with the marker to achieve high accurate shots each time the trigger is pulled.


  • Dye 2011 NT Marker comes with new Milling design and redesigned electronics
  • Boost Bolt Technology allows the marker to be gentle on paintballs without sacrificing high rate of fire
  • Internal Plunger and Hyper 3 Regulator allows the marker to operate at 125psi and at 6ms with dwell consistently
  • Redesigned Ultralite grip frame gives players a comfortable handle on the marker without the added weight
  • Tool Less wrap around grips lets players change settings or batteries quickly with ease
  • 14" Ultralite barrel with 0.688 bore gives players the high accurate shot for all paintball types
  • Streamlined On/Off Air port with bleed helps players gas up and attach their tank easily without damaging the threads


  • Dye 2011 NT Marker
  • 14" Dye Ultra Lite Aluminum Barrel 0.688 Bore 
  • Instruction Manual
  • Dye Multi Tool
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Dye Slick Lube
  • Dye Marker Case

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