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Dangerous Power G5 - BlackTemporarily Out of Stock
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The Dangerous Power G series have been highly popular due to their compact light design while providing the same great features that some high end guns have built in. The new Dangerous Power G5 has a gas through grip design that removes the hoseline from the paintball gun, which helps decrease the amount of leaks and also removes the chance of the the hose line getting caught in the woods. The new Wave trigger gives players a solid and smooth trigger pull, that helps you maintain a high rate of fire so you keep raining down paintballs on your opponents. The redesign bolt allows all grades of paintballs to be shot from the gun with it's even flow face, which allows the bolt to shoot from field grade to tournament grade paintballs without having to worry about it breaking in your gun! The new RipTide regulator features 7 stationary o-rings and lighter components which allow for faster response rate, which gives you more consistent velocity at time of shooting and help you take accurate shots. The Dangerous Power G5 combines great features for beginners or advanced players who are looking for an affordable speedball marker who want to stand up against players who have $1000+ guns.


  • New redesigned Dangerous Power G series for the 2013 year
  • Dangerous Power G5 main difference is the internal hose line in the grip frame eliminating leaks out of the box
  • Redesigned bolt operates at 180psi for low pressure operation and even flow which allows the gun to shoot any grade of paintballs without worrying it will break in your gun
  • RipTide regulator features 7 stationary o-rings and lighter components for faster response and longer maintenance cycles, which allows the marker more consistent velocity which gives more accurate shooting
  • Wave trigger gives players a solid trigger pull that is light and responsive giving players a way to easily maintain a high rate of fire so they can keep the paintballs raining on their targets
  • Lever locking feedneck allows the feedneck to hold the loader tightly so you don't have to worry about it falling off during a game while being able to take the loader off easily


  • Dangerous Power G5
  • Full Colour Instruction Manual
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • 13" Auctococker Threaded Barrel
  • Stickers
  • Barrel Sock
Empire Halo Too Loader - Matte BlackTemporarily Out of Stock You Save:
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The Empire Halo Too Loader is a motorized loader that force feeds paintball into a marker making sure that there is always a ball next to be shot. With the force feed function in the Empire Halo Too loader players can achieve higher rates of fire and prevent lots of messy paintball chop situations. The Empire Halo Too loader will load a paintball everytime it hears the marker fire with it's fine tuned microphone system, this cuts down the amount of parts traditionally found on loaders that makes this loader as reliable as it can be! The Empire Halo Too loader uses a hard durable plastic that can withstand the punishment from every day play and the bumpy ride in the gear bag, this loader will stand up in any situation! Pick up the Empire Halo Too loader and you won't have to "shake" your loader again to unjam itself!


  • 20+ bps to help keep up the high rates of fire you want to achieve
  • Ultra quiet belt drive keeps you stealthy on the field
  • Freeway Anti-Jam keeps your paintballs easily flowing into your gun 
  • Sound activated feeding cuts down the amount of parts that can break down
  • 180 ball capacity carries plenty of paintballs before you need to reload
  • Low battery indicator makes sure that you stick in fresh batteries so the loader doesn't die in the middle of the game
  • 1-hour auto Shut-Off saves your battery life so you don't have to keep on buying battiers
  • Matte black coloring keeps your loader looking stealthy and sleek
  • Compatible w/ Halo & Reloader shells
  • Durable hard PVC shells helps the Empire Halo Too stand up to any form of punishment on or off the field
  • 4 x AA Battery Powered (Not Included)
Empire Basic 48 3000 HPA TankTemporarily Out of Stock You Save:
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The Empire 48cui 3000psi tank delivers a consistent standard output pressure of 850 psi. Picking up an HPA for generally most markers will immediately increase accuracy and velocity consistency. The side 5000psi gauage is also extremely useful as takes the guess work from Co2 tanks to find how much air you have left! This is one of the best upgrades you can do for your gun without having to make any major internal modifications to your gun. Screws in the same area where your old tank would in the ASA and keeps up with all rates of fire consistently!


  • Increase accuracy and velocity consistently immediately by using HPA Tanks
  • Regulated Output Pressure @ 850psi
  • Aluminum Tank construction for lighter weight then traditional steel
  • 5000psi Gauge shows level of HPA left in your tank
  • Works generally with all markers both low to high end
  • Compatible with all Remote Lines
  • Generic Regulator with a medium/standard performance but makes tank more affordable
  • No modification or custom work needed to be done on marker to work with HPA


  • Propellant: High pressure compressed air or Nitrogen
  • Bonnet Threading: ASA Standard
  • Output Pressure: 850psi
  • Regulator: Generic No Name Brand (Stnadard Performance)
  • Maximum Filled Pressure: 3000psi (Pounds per square inch)
  • Size of Tank: 48cui (Cubic Inches) 
  • Weight: 1.48 kg / 3.26 lbs
  • Shots per tank: 400-500 (Estimated) 

**Note: All tanks are shipped empty due to shipping restrictions and safety

Empire Helix Thermal Goggle - BlackTemporarily Out of Stock You Save:
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The Empire Vents Helix Thermal Goggles is the perfect mask for either beginner to use or a field for it's rental fleet. Large viewing lens with it's light weight and durable mask base, there's no question this should be the first mask you need to get if you are tired of using scratched up rental goggles at fields. The included thermal lens is a great feature to pick up with this mask due to it's fog preventing technology to keep a clear wide vision at all times. Change out the lens with the Empire Vents quick change lens system to thermals easily and adjustable tension strap to help keep it in place!

  • Thermal Lens Light Weight Goggles
  • Thermal lens prevents fogging issues for a clear view at all times
  • Durable Plastic Shell for years of use
  • Quick Change Lens system making lens replacement fast and easy
  • Compatible Lens: Empire Event Thermal Lens
  • Adjustable Tension head strap
  • Included visor helps keep rain and run out of your eyes
  • One Size Fits All making selecting this mask simple 
  • Large Lens viewing area for wide vision to prevent blind spots

Dangerous Power G5 Marker Speedball Package - Black

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