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DP G4 Player Parts Kit

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The Dangerous Power G4 player parts kit is a comprehensive selection that will keep your marker up and running!


  • Player Parts Kit G4
  • Part Diagrams
  • Part Listing
  • O-Ring Scale Charte
  • Organized Compartment Kit


20-F01700-000 x 6

20-F01590-000 X 2

20-F01820-000 X 2

20-F01810-000 X 2

20-F01510-000 X 2

20-F01730-000 X 4

20-F01800-000 X 2

20-F01870-000 X 2

20-F01550-000 X 2

20-W10790-000 X 2

20-W11020-000 X 2

20-A43170-000 X 1

20-W11012-000 X 2

20-W10840-000 X 3

20-W10810-000 X 1

20-W10730-000 X 4

20-W10870-000 X 1

20-H03190-000 X 2

20-H03190-000 X 2

20-E01150-000 X 4

20-G10300-000 X 4

20-W23600-000 X 1

20-W23510-000 X 1

20-B10392-000 X 2

20-F10170-000 X 2

20-W01050-000 X 2

20-H01040-000 X 2

20-A06192-305 X 1 (Solenoid Valve)

20-A23350-000 X 1 (Operating Piston Assembly)

20-A43130-000 X 1 (Pressure Plug Assembly)

20-A43160-000 x 1 (Seal Plug Assembly)


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