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DP Fusion Low Blow Bolt Short

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Danger Power Fusion DEL-FLO bolt measures just 3 inches long, weighs only 20 grams, has a cupped face, angled air inlet, generous depth and length ball detent grooves. Machined to a closer tolerance than the stock bolt eliminating blowback and wasted air. Test results yielded a conservative average of 15FPS increase in velocity over the stock bolt. The picture of the bolt in the marker shows the bolt in the open position, only a slight portion of the bolt protrudes outward past the body milling to prevent debris from getting in the ram bore below. Available in both long and short lengths. Danger Power Fusion LOW BLOW bolt incorporates the same features as the Del-Flo but has the back spinning feature to improve accuracy, flatten trajectory, and increase range. Bolts are compatible with F7 and F8 Fusion models.

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