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Custom - Bob Long Insight NG Premium V4

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  • All Premium Edition markers are two color anno, maximum, up to and including splash and fade anno.
  • The Premium Edition Equipment Package consists of the Thumb Drive Bolt, 2 Piece 14" Barrel OLED Board & KO Trigger.
  • All Premium Edition markers will be pre-paid in full, avarage completion schedule is 2-4 days.

**Please enter your color choices in the comments box at the checkout and / or email with your colors.

In stock colors as of 11/20/2014:

Dust Black w sea foam green
Dust Black w Khaki
Silver w/ dust teal
Dust White w/ dust teal
Dust red w dust titanium
Dust Brown w/ dust blue
Sea foam w/ dust Black
Lime w/ blue
Silver w dust Khaki
all dust titaunim
all red
black w chrome
dust white w red
teal w dust khaki
maroon w/ khaki
orange w blue 
red w blue
all polished titanium
dust lime w/ gold


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