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Critical Stealth Pack 4+5

CLEARANCE (once it's gone, it's gone!)
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The Critical Stealth pack is designed to help reduce the sound that a typical paintball pod pack will make when removing the pods! This is done by using a unique elastic placement to hold the pods in place and also adds pressure to the ejection system, simply pull off the elastic and have the pods get released into your hands! You will not need to worry about the velcro eventually wearing out or players hearing the loud "rrrrriiiipppp" when you are trying to reload! One size fits all style with elastic waist tightening straps for the smaller players.


  • Silent and fast pod ejection system
  • Lightweight and padded pod back
  • Mesh material construction for air circulation
  • Holds up to 9 Pods!
  • True Ejection Pod System

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