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Co2 tank (4 oz)

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The 4oz Co2 tank is a perfect item for pump players or limited ammo style of play. The 4oz co2 is small enough to keep hidden and light enough at 0.7lbs to keep you mobile. This is a normal Co2 tank but just shorter measuring at 5.5inches in height and keeps about 4oz co2 in the tank. You will get roughly under 100 shots per tank fill, this is a perfect amount of shots for the pump or limited ammo players. Pick this up and get the perfect tank for your specific style of play!


  • Small and compact co2 tank keeps it out of the way and light enough to not hinder mobility
  • Weighs at 0.7lbs (Empty) keeping this a light tank
  • Estimated under 100 shots, perfect for limited or pump players
  • Short tank measuring about 5.5 inches
  • Threaded with universal tank threading
  • 5 year Hydro Life

**Note: Tank MFG Date is 10/10 giving this 3 more years left until re-hydro is needed

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