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Co2 Digital Hanging Scale

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When you need to fill in co2 tanks you need to weigh them to get an accurate and safe fill. If you fill in too much you can cause extreme amounts of damage to your property and the users! This is a must have item if you are going to fill in your tanks which is easy and simple to use! Hang the scale near your co2 fill station and while you fill you can accurately see it update the amount live on the digital read out! The scale operates on 2 x CR2032 batteries that help keep the digital scale in a convenient compact design. Grab this today and get filling your tank more accurately so you can prevent overfilling or under filling which can lead to wasting money also upsetting the customers!


  • Digital Scales are used to accurately fill the tanks to help save money and ensure safety for the tank user!
  • Hanging design for easy set up and can give live read outs while the tank is being filled
  • 3 Different weight read outs: LBS, KG and LBs/OZ
  • Powered by 2 x CR2032 batteries

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