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CP Tactical Barrel - Tippmann 98

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The Custom Product Tactical barrel system finally brings the high quality accurate barrel to tactical milsim players. The threaded tip allows players to customize the look with other CP Tips that they offer. With the high quality triple honed finish within the barrels, this allow paintballs to easily flow through the barrel with any friction giving excellent accuracy for each shot. The Tippmann X7 CP Tactical Barrel does not have the male threads at the back of the barrel so the barrel does not have the ability to mount the slotted handguard.


  • Excellent polish finish within the barrel giving an accurate shot per each found
  • Threaded tip is adaptable with the other CP Tactical Tips to customize their own milsim appearance
  • Male threading with thread cover featured near the base of the barrel allows for the CP Shroud system to be mounted on easily

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