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CP Rail Drop Forward - Blue

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The CP Rail Drop Forward is one of the most easiest rail system to use on the majority of Speedball style markers. Directly mounts on the bottom of the grip frame that also includes the two mounting screws. The set screws on the side of the rail will widen out causing whatever that mounts within it to tighten in place without leaving a mark. Put this one your marker if you want to slightly drop the tank level to make the marker feel more comfortable with the tank or to attach an aftermarket ASA that uses a rail mount system.


  • Direct Mount Rail goes directly underneath the marker handle
  • Drops down the Tank from being directly on the marker to give a more comfortable feel when sighting up
  • Adjust your ASA rail mount to sight either more forward or back
  • Gives a tight mount system without having to leave marks on your asa
  • Various of Colours Gloss; Black, Blue, Red and Clear

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