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CP One Piece Barrels - Spyder

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The Customer Product barrels are one of the premier barrels out on the market at an inexpensive price. Machine precision aluminum cut barrels with a honed polish finish. One piece design so no multiple pieces to loose and a clean finish without any extra groves or tappered edges. Porting located on the barrel to give a better air flow to help dissipate the noise level on each shot to keep you silent through the woods or able to hear your team mates while you rail paint on the enemy. One of the most simple barrels on the market but the detail quality of the barrel is unmatched. Pick up this barrel for your marker and expect your accuracy to dramatically improve.


  • Light aircraft grade aluminum keeps the barrel light and durable
  • Honed Polish finish to a mirror finish shine creating a low friction surface for paintballs to easily glide and hit your targets
  • Bore Size 0.689" Inner diameter to accomadate the average size of paintball from Tournament to Recreational grades
  • Porting on the barrel help make the barrel to be as silent as possible with every shot

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