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CP Microfibre Squeege Flexi Swab

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The CP Microfibre Squeege Flexi Swab is created in mind to help clean out the messiest of barrel breaks and dirt. The thick microfibre material used will help absorb and push through the mess broken paintballs out of your barrel. Aside from th microfibre material the cork screw shape of the squeege helps channel the broken paint to be easily pushed out of the barrel preventing the material to be soaked to much of paint and not able to clean out anymore. The rubber insert inbetween the swab system helps to keep it attached to each other and also folds in half to fit comfortably in pockets for easy access.


  • Thick Microfibre material helps absorb and push out broken paint in your barrel to insure accurate shots
  • Corkscrew design pushes the paint in the various channels to help push out paint without over exposing the material with paint that prevents the microfibre from being used again
  • Rubber insert that is poxied between the two squeeges allows for a secure hold and foldable to fit in any pocket
  • 14" Length
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