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CCI Phantom Open Class Paintball Pump Gun - 45 Grip & Bottom Line

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The CCI Phantom is a nelson based pump action paintball gun. The bolt system is a basic bolt forward operation that has the ball in a forward ready position when it's ready to fire. When the trigger is pulled the rear "hammer" is released but moves backwards releasing the valve that opens the flow of air to propel the paintball. This bolt cycle method has been proven to be extremely reliable while delivering excellent accuracy every time you shoot! The CCI Phantoms are extremely customizable and we have brought in three different variations that will suit most of the needs people are looking for!

This CCI phantom is the open class variation we offer that provides you the basic marker, which can still be configured further but still delivers amazing performance in terms of accuracy, lightweight and high efficiency. Pick up your phantom today!


  • Nelson based bolt system offers extreme amounts of accuracy and air efficiency
  • Autotrigger cycle allows you to get high rates of fire by just holding down the trigger and pumping the gun
  • Reliable firing system keeps working in all conditions and every time you pick it up (with basic maintenance still done)
  • 11" Phantom ported barrel offers accurate shooting while retaining a quiet and soft sound signature for stealth
  • Configurable phantom gun allows for different accessories to be mounted and installed for a customize gun
  • Bottomline adapted gun allows you to run a bottle at the bottom of the grip frame giving you a center weighted gun for comfort and easy handling


  • Phantom Open Class Paintball Pump Gun
  • 45 Grip Frame
  • Center Feed
  • 11" Phantom Threaded Barrel
  • Bottomline system 
  • Phantom Detent Rings

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