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CA Tippmann A5 M16 Aluminum Stock

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The Camouflage America A5 M16 Aluminum stock features an all metal core that gives the stock a rigid and solid feel while still retaining it's light weight. The stock easily attachesto the rear of the marker and installs in minutes, this makes it one of the most easiest upgrades for the Tippmann A5. The stock is adjustable to be full closed or fully extended, this helps with players that have longer or shorter arms to get a perfect setting that can changed in seconds. Pick this up and get one of the strongest stocks for the marker and will immediately increase your accuracy. 


  • Increase Accuracy immediately by making your marker a more stable firing platform
  • Recoil reduction by having the recoil getting absorbed into your shoulder
  • Adjustable length settings
  • Aluminum Metal core gives rigid and solid strength
  • Easy installation as attaches in minutes

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