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Bob Long Lazer Marq 4c Lazer Eyes

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For years, high performance paintball markers have minimized paintball breakage by using a break-beam infrared sensor system commonly known as “eyes”. These eye systems are traditionally positioned at the bottom of a markers breech. Single sensor eye systems will only allow a marker to fire when a paintball has finally rested on the bottom of the breech, therefore breaking the infrared beam and communicating “fire” to the markers micro-controller. A broad spectrum of controlled testing has proven this current eye system to be the predominant limiting factor when seeking out maximum rate of fire potential. Our engineering staff at Bob Long Technologies has successfully implemented an advanced system of optoelectronics which can increase a markers cycle rate almost 40%. The multi-sensor 4C System Enhancing Eyes define the absolute cutting edge in electronic marker technology. There are two instances of wasted time in a markers firing sequence (cycle time). One instance occurs during the time taken for a micro-controller to energize the coil of a solenoid. The second instance occurs during the time taken for a markers bolt to respond to the recently transferred air pressure. This combined time can be 20mS or greater. A marker cycling at 20 balls per second has a cycle time of 50mS, so 20mS would account for 40% of the total cycle time. Using multiple sensors around the breech provides the information needed to accelerate the cycle time. A sensor near the top of the breech indicates whether or not another paintball is ready to be loaded. A sensor near the bottom of the breech indicates whether or not a paintball is properly staged and ready to be propelled. These sensors working in tandem provide us with valuable time measurements and other consistency data. Because we now know how long it takes paintballs to move down through the breech into the final staged position, we energize the solenoid coil early so when a paintball reaches the final staged position the bolt has begun its forward movement. This timing adjustment, made possible by 4C System Enhancing Eyes, eliminates all wasted time in a markers firing sequence.

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